ABOUT Our family

Our story

We know we aren't the only church in town, and are aware of our imperfections.  However, we sure are proud of who God is making us to be...
  We are simply a family who desires to see the people of Webb City in love with and in service to Jesus.

 We accomplish this by connecting  you to the person of Jesus Christ, loving and supporting you as you search for Truth and life purpose, hopefully resulting in being filled with Jesus' love, and then inviting you to serve God and others--making a positive difference in the Webb City community.

Our tEAM

Webb City Church is driven by many dedicated volunteers, led by a committed staff, and all approved by an elected board.


Webb City Church is a down home church in the middle of the city.  We laugh a lot and have fun in a simply authentic fashion as we seek to be more like Jesus.


Webb City Church is part of the greater Church of the Nazarene.  We believe that God created you,
loves you, and desires to have a relationship with you.

We also believe that you don’t need to believe that before you come to our church.  We value creating a culture of belonging, and you are welcome here regardless of how different or messy your beliefs or background may be.  

We believe that as you get to know Jesus, He will inspire you to become just like Him.  Our message is focused on how a personal relationship with Jesus can transform our lives.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9:30 am.